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Build Slavery-Free India

About Red Rope

The Red Rope Movement was founded by a young independent woman who found her calling to free India from the harsh reality of human trafficking. She left everything behind in July 2019 and chose to become a voice for the thousands of victims who cannot speak for themselves, and and aims to be a ray of light when the victims have lost all hope.

Red Rope believes that just like a weed has to be pulled out from the root, the issue of Human Trafficking in the same manner has to be pulled out form the root and hence it aims to develop a disruptive solution to the very root cause of Human Trafficking in India.

Red Rope initially began in India but we have a Red Rope family in Ghana as well which started functioning on 14/11/2019 under the name Red Rope, Ghana.

We know how to stop the cycle of trafficking.
And with your help, we will.