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Build Slavery-Free India

Pillars of Red Rope

We work under three important pillars which we believe is a holistic approach to the issue of human trafficking:


Educating public on the seriousness of Human Trafficking, sensitizing the vulnerable community to protect them from being  a victim.

Rescuing the victims from their situations  and rehabilitating them to choose alternate means of living and to bring them out of the trauma they faced.

Social Reform

Systemic change (legislation) –

Red Rope acts a s a voice for the voiceless by  lobbying, Advocating against Human Trafficking.


Red rope aims to make victims of trafficking into Survivors champions–

In other words survivor leading the fighting against human trafficking.

Economic empowerment – alternative livelihood skills and opportunities, building disruptive business models, entrepreneurship

Milestone Chart

Just like Nelson Mandela said “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” Red Rope with a grateful heart celebrates every little milestone we achieved together with our well- wishers come to be a part of our celebrations!

Plug The Voice

28 July, 2019

14 Nov, 2019

Plug the Voice, Ghana

Plug the Skills, Mudfort

1 Dec, 2019

7 Dec, 2019

Red Ride’19

Registered under TS Societies Act.

30 Dec, 2019

17 Apr, 2020

Plug the Equipped Series

National Symposium on Anti-Human Trafficking 2020.

30 Jul, 2020

6 Aug, 2020

Thursday Series

Plug the Community

24 Aug, 2020

15 Sep, 2020

ToT Series

AHTC Launch

21 Nov, 2020

21 Dec, 2020

Plug the Game

  • Synergy Reformation – AP
  • Webinar on Celebration of National Girl Child Day

JAN, 2021

FEB, 2021

  • CoACT Network
  • CoACT Bulletin

  • March Blackout Challenge
  • Launch of New AHTCs
  • International Womens’ Day celebration at WISE,Peddapuram
  • Synergy Reformation – TS
  • Webinar by Women Safety Wing, Telangana on AHTUs convergence

MAR, 2021

JUN, 2021

• Set Them Free Campaign

• Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse -Webinar

• Conference on World Day against Trafficking in Persons

• Launch of AHTC posters

JUL, 2021

AUG & SEP, 2021

• Social media campaign

• Vizianagaram Trafficking Free District
• International Day of the Girl Child
• Village Trafficking Free Zones

OCT, 2021

NOV, 2021

  • Webinar on COVID’19 – Gender Perspective & Human Trafficking
  • Collaborated with GoRide at Maris Stella College for GoCycling



DEC, 2021

Nov, 2022

RedRide 22

More things to come,
Stay tuned!

We know how to stop the cycle of trafficking.
And with your help, we will.