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Red Rope beginning from 2021 will focus on Research to find out the prevalence, intensity of the crime and to bring possible solutions to be implemented by Red Rope and collaborative NGOs.

2019 at a Glimpse

2019, the year where we began our journey with motivation from the quote by Plato, The republic “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”, and our well wishers, with so much excitement and a whole lot of butterflies in our stomach Red Rope began to function fully in July 2019 eventually starting off our first project on 28Jul, 2019 known as Plug the Voice an awareness program speaking up on various issues otherwise considered taboo in our society.

It was to our glorious joy when we extended our family in Ghana on Nov 14, 2019 after 4 months of establishment in India.

Red Rope took a step ahead and started with physical activities beginning with

Plug the Skills, Mudfort on 1 Dec, 2019 tutoring children from the slums moving further to organizing Red Ride on 7 Dec, 2019 an initiative to penetrate into the towns of AP building conversations and to capture the pulse. This gave us an understanding of the scope and specific needs.

Red Rope got registered under TS Societies Act on the 30th Dec, 2019.

2020 at a Glimpse

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

– Albert Einstein

Our director penned down in the most astounding way to sum up 2020 which we quote “2020 looked very promising and exciting for us as an organization to unravel the opportunities we have ahead. As we were gearing up, making proposals for few Government collaborations and other activities the violent storm of COVID’19 hit all of us hard across the world, each day looked challenging and adverse however each one of us have exhibited profound strength and compassion towards one another in making it thus far. Kudos to all of the Global, National and Local Catalysts that made Survival possible for us.

At Red Rope the initial days of lockdown looked equally skeptical but sooner with the help of our teammates specially Tina Chung and Shiny David, we were able to design a series of virtual sessions equipping youth, parents, women and NGO partners on both social and individual aspects of our human functioning.

None of these series would have been possible without the passion, expertise and availability of our eminent speakers. We thank each one of their contributions, impact in making this world a better place.”

Just like Joseph P. Kennedy rightly said “ When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Red Rope along with the whole world was caught up in the chaos of life, but Red Rope chose to seal the opportunity and launch so many activities which will continue to ride along with us in the long run as well.

Ride along with us in 2021

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

― Danny Kaye

Beginning 2021 with new hopes and ideas, everyone at Red Rope has a paint and a brush to paint the canvas to make 2021 more colorful for all the victims and put a light on human trafficking, grab your paint and brushes and paint along with us!

Red Ride have a series of webinars stacked up to educate everyone on Human Trafficking learning from the best in their own respective fields.

March Black out Trafficking, a fundraiser and an awareness campaign , the whole concept is to wear a black item for the entire month of March. The core idea behind it is to put ourselves in the shoes of the victims by at least 0.5% of their bondage by wearing the same thing which we are not really accustomed to.

The other core reason is we get to spread the word and educate the people on the cause behind it and even encourage people to participate or donate for the cause.

Red Rope encouraged the willing participants to wear a black item and upload in their social media by add hashtag such as #freeindiafromslavery #blackouttrafficking #marchblackouttrafficking, 

In appreciation to the contribution of well wishers by their participation Red Rope prepared a certificate of appreciation.

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