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Why Choose Human Trafficking?

When we hear about Human Trafficking, it sounds more like the green, red and yellow signals and fails to pay much heed to it but this is exactly where we go wrong, they say

ignorance is bliss

  but when you apply this in the scenario of Human Trafficking even at this moment, a girl child is being wedded, a mother is selling her body, a whole family is working under harsh condition at some brick kiln, a little child is working at someone’s house as a slave, an underage girl child is being sold to a brothel and the list goes on, we all wait for our next weekend to take a break from work and school but the victims of Human Trafficking doesnt know what a weekend is, let alone dream of making plans, there are preganant ladies losing their child because of the forced weights they carry at work.

Would you still think that Trafficking is all about Traffic signals and more importantly would you believe ignorance is bliss in this situation?

Human trafficking is an enemy to mankind which can only be eradicted as a community, today if we dont choose to fight against it we should take note that traffickers dont discriminate, today it is someone else that is being trafficked tomorrow it may be you and I, before its too late, lets join hands together and fight agaimnst it.

Why choose Red Rope and partner with us?

Red Rope believes that every individual despite of age,race,culture,sex has an ability to help eradicate Human Trafficking

Every organisation has their own unique aspect so does Red Rope, one of the Red Rope’s biggest strengths is the passion and compassion for the victims.

Behind Red Rope is a team headed by a leader who left everything to serve as a voice for the voiceless.

We cannot just wait for a superhero to come and eradicate Human trafficking but it is us as a community who needs to pick up our cape and be a hero for someone else and as you embark your journey to become a superhero Red Rope would gladly like to assist you on your journey ahead.

How you can partner with Red rope

It is extremely simple all you have to do is Partner with us, there are different ways to partner with us

If you are all tied up with work, you can always partner with us by donating how much ever you can and Red Rope will be very transparent on how we are utilizing you hard earned resources, you can contribute by:

  • Extend CSR collaboration

  • Make a Monthly Contribution

    Financial contribution and this is the easiest thing you can do. By contributing a 100 rupees per month, you are partnering with us on rescuing a person from human trafficking

  • Make a one-time investment.

Videos and News


Short Films

Red Rope presents short film Mochi (Cobbler ) released by Ravuri Suez, Director, AP Mahila Commission on Jul 30, 2020 at National Symposium on Anti-Human Trafficking 2020

Written & Directed by Gurram Pramod
Cameraman : John Satish

Red Rope presents Mazboor, a short film on Bride Trafficking / Child Marriage released by SonyKutty George, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF

Written by D S Joseph
Directed by Gurram Pramod
Artists – Monica Grace, Sonica Grace, Anand and others
Cameraman – John Satish

If you have missed out our Thursday series, webinars,National Symposium on Anti-Human Trafficking we have got you all covered, clicking the below will take you to our youtube channel, where you can access all the content