Earn Trust, Instill Hope, Transform Life. 

Red Rope wants to assure you that
you can so help us fight Human Trafficking.

One such instance is the anthem produced, written and directed by our volunteers during the pandemic.

Lyrics by D S Joseph
Composed , Programmed and Song by Elisha Roy
Harmony by Pinchulee Limbu
Rap by Shyam Noble Emmanuel
Video Credits : Shiny David

At Red Rope we believe that every individual is unique and has different giftings and talents which can be used for fighting Human Trafficking.

Be it through singing, acting, dancing, talking, writing, playing sports and so much more Red Rope would gladly like to accept invitation from people belonging to all walks of life to work together from any corner of the world, we believe that every individual is a fighter and it just needs a platform to fight and what better than to save a person from trafficked?

Volunteer your skill