Being a Woman, I always wanted to help the children and women in the society, exactly then came like the guiding light, Chrysolyte Sanamanda who gave an amazing interactive session on “Anti-Human Trafficking” in our college and has motivated all of us to be a part of the Red Rope Community. Since then Chrysolyte has been an amazing mentor, a perfect guide to the young college students and has always encouraged us to do better.

– E.Shirly Percy, St.Pious X Degree and PG College for Women

We have been enlightened and been made aware that really not all glitters are gold. An anti human trafficking team named Red Rope Ghana lead by Mr. Samuel Ofori organized a seminar for the us (students of Dorfor Senior High School) we learnt that human trafficking is on the ascendency and it’s normally perpetrated by people we lest expect as such anyone of us can fall a victim. We discussed, asked questions and shared experiences that could have ended up in one been taken advantage of. We were told they use very cunning promises and ways to lure their victims. When they succeed they then would sell, and even forcefully let the girls engage in prostitution and other inhumane trades. We are very thankful to Red Rope Ghana and are ready to grow the Anti Human Trafficking Club in our School,pass it on to our younger ones so that with the knowledge acquired we all can escape this awful temptation.

– Students representative, Red Rope Club Dorfor SHS .

Through RedRide’19 awareness program, three aspects stood out for me: Firstly, how to be alert and escape from any dangerous situations using our presence of mind. Secondly, I learnt simple self defense moves which are very handy for me. Lastly about reporting any child related issues to ChildLine. Thank you for reaching out to us. I thoroughly hope every child and girl is aware of this basic information

– Dhanunjaya, Degree 2nd yr, Visakha Women’s Degree College

Well Wishers

I am so happy to be associated with Red Rope via Plug the Skills program, when I was offered this opportunity I instantly agreed to it without a second thought as I love working with Children. Mudfort slum dwellers are urban migrating workers who are illiterate and work for daily wages hence child’s education is neither their basic priority nor do they check on homework nor do they engage the child rightly.Consequently, children also suffer severe violence from their drunkard father, this vulnerable plight of theirs has instilled desire and commitment to study well to thereby provide good safe living conditions to themselves and to protect their mother or siblings. It’s heartbreaking to hear their stories but it’s a real joy and encouragement witnessing these children make small progress of exhibiting good habits or showing their creativity through art. They have great thirst to learn and do better in their life. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned alot teaching these precious 25 children about values and morals, on how they should respect parents, how they should renew their mind, welcome challenges and always stay positive by aiming high

– Ananth Krishnan, Tutor, Mudfort Slum

Congratulating you for bringing out 15 months of activism in a document form is appreciated. Red Rope is an Oasis in pandemic times created a platform by roapping many CSOs, NGOs and Govt bodies on trafficking issues. As a catalyst it formed a social platform to meet but also quenched the thirst for knowledge on various social issues related to trafficking. No doubt in pandemic when all roads closed and quarantined, Red Rope made its voice heard through its zoom meetings that trafficking was not quarantined and children and women being trafficking is high during Covid times. Appreciate the team of Red Rope for its commendable effort in bringing subject matter experts to speak.

– Gode Prasad, Mahita

It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the good work being done by Red Rope. I have been part of your sessions and would like to say, you are incredible!

Due to the pandemic life has been really difficult with us attending virtual sessions yet Red Rope has tailor-made each webinar beautifully. The whole concept of conducting webinars has been weaved with a lot of thought and effort. I personally enjoyed all the sessions as it was engaging and interactive. The approach is participatory which is really interesting.

Pallabi Ghosh , Founder, Impact Dialogue

During the difficult times of lockdown, when we had no work and were clueless all the 150 families of Jeewan Jwala Association were provided essential commodities for which we are ever grateful to all the donors of DDF and Red Rope organisations.

M. Manikanan, Treasurer, Jeevan Jwala Association

Red Rope has made remarkable progress in a short period. In my observation, Red Rope is fulfilling it’s vision by reaching out to several schools, colleges and universities including other NGOs and sending across the message of combating human trafficking.

The collaboration with Red Rope was a good experience since it’s staff are professionally equipped and trained. As collaborators, we were able to get the right Resource Persons belonging to law enforcement agencies, NGOs, funding agencies like UNICEF, Professors and social activists. Most importantly, we were able to use ICT and social media during the lockdown period to reach out to more people than expected.

Prof. Ajailiu Niumai, C.V. Raman Fellow, Head, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy, University of Hyderabad

The cause itself was something you can’t just pass by. I was glad that I got a chance to do something for a global cause. I have volunteered in a few NGOs, community development to old age homes, at different times in my life. An opportunity to do something for such a big cause of “anti-trafficking” during the Corona crisis was something I couldn’t miss. I am basically an introvert, but I know that I am qualified enough with a lot of skills and passive creativity which nobody cares to notice. It was by the motivation that you gave me, Chrys, that I came out of the shell to bring out something from within me that I could present for the Symposium in time. The commitment and enthusiasm expressed by the other volunteers such as Elisha, Pichulee, Matt and Noble,who were so enthused, that I couldn’t stay inert anymore, once we began. The way the online meetings were organized by you, Chrys, was highly professional and I felt, you are the right person in the right place doing the right thing in the right time with the right resources. I am glad it all worked out well and I believe the Symposium accomplished its purpose. God bless!

DS Joseph, Lyricist

It was an awesome experience working for the Symposium and I came to know so many dark secrets in the world especially Human Trafficking. Ever since then I started reading some stories that happened in the past and was amazed and shocked how human trafficking is going to happen. Here I want to support and encourage the organisation anytime because their impact is a definite need of the hour.

Gurram Pramod, Shortfilms Director

The organisation Red rope has the passion and caricature on the subject of human trafficking. The deep sense of commitment yoked with professional acumen and exceptional ability to collaborate with ground realities and agencies is praise worthy. The consistent zeal to innovate and indigenous thinking is the class work of this group. Well done and great going and high seas to sail as you move forward on this vision to end human trafficking. Congratulations on your milestone.

– Commander Ashok VM Kumar (R), Regional Director South Asia, IJM

Very immense and highly impactful training has been conducted in Thursday series by Red Rope. During the lockdown and unlock guideline times, the sessions like these are very useful to the civil society organizations especially to those who are working on Anti human trafficking, Child rights and other issues. I congratulate the team for their great efforts. Our organization and team members are benefited by these webinars, zoom meetings and continuous sessions. Thank you.

-Hari Venkata Ramana. B Secretary, Dharani Social Welfare society

The collaboration benefitted 169 trainers who are working towards human rights issues in their own community. We believe that the Red Rope team would go beyond limit to make a difference in the lives of those trapped in trafficking and other human right violations.

P Malathi Thangamani, Program Manager, Justice & Hope

After the series of modules from Red Rope there is a visible change observed in delivery of the content in particularly to Child Abuse and POCSO Act Taken sessions to ICDS Staff on Child Abuse and covered directly about 601 including supervisors and Anganwadi Teachers and covered through virtual training about 1,500 staff (Junior Lectures, SGT Maths and Speical Teachers) of APSWREI Society, Andhra Pradesh from 1st November, 2020 to till date.Thanks for reshaping us by giving the exposure with National / International figures.

Sonti Rajendra, City Coordinator / Childline, Guntur

I believe each one of us have a unique role to play in eradicating trafficking, thank Red Rope for challenging us by re-emphasising the access influence we the ground staff have in ensuring vulnerable are protection, conviction rates increase, zero child labor or child marriages in our vicinity.

D. Sridevi, Mahila Samrakshana Kariyadharishi, Palakol Municipality

Red Rope is the organization that is trying to bring much awareness from rural villages. We are delighted to be part of it. Red Rope is mainly working for the least of society, which is very different from other organizations. We are always with this in possible ways. Much congratulations from Home of Hope.

Moses Kagitha

A total of 560 of us from the Teaching fraternity of APSWREIS are enriched by four sessions led by Red Rope. We sense the responsibility to percolate good values and have open discussions with our students on current social issues to bring a positive change in our society.As rightly stressed Awareness is the Key

Devaki, Special Teacher

The Red Rope Movement has been working efficiently since it began its work in 2019. Red Rope has been working consistently with different stakeholders like the Government,NGOs and communities to build their capacity in ending trafficking and other human rights issues. We appreciate Red Rope in collaborating with Justice and Hope to provide a “Rights Based Community Interventions (RBCI)” training program for NGOs/ grassroots workers from September 2020 to November 2020.

This was my first ever adventure with a group of young people with the leader being highly active and focused. We started the journey with a ceremonial take off where most of the local cyclists from Hyderabad Cyclist Group pedalled with us from Suchitra, Hyderabad. The motive was to create awareness on Human trafficking and its influential factors, however the journey was very exciting yet challenging.  A joy to meet with many local schools, colleges and hostels & professional colleges, their response & interaction was unbelievably good, fruitful and positive. They were eager to inculcate certain safety measures, policies and commitments to make changes, to be alert and alert the officials if need be, the other interesting commitment by the students is to help in sharing their learning with many more people and friends of their community. We educated them through skits, discussions, starting with an Ice-breaker. We also distributed educational materials to schools and residentials to be displayed as a reminder.

Overall it was a great success with 100% cooperation from students, the faculties and local NGOs.

Dorothy Sayee