Andhra Pradesh has inculcated an effective and applaudable system of Gram and Ward Volunteers for every 50 households in a village or town, in addition to the Women Protection Secretaries at every locality. We analysed that these ground staff possess high potential in catalysing as agents of change in the community esp ambassadors of breaking the silence therefore Plug the Community is designed to sensitize, mobile, equip and challenge these Ambassadors to create ripples.

Leveraging the opportunity through the support of Palakol Municipal Commissioner Mr Pramod Kumar and local CI Mr. Ch Anjayneylu three programs of sensitization on common forms and ways of trafficking, gaps in parenting, domestic violence, importance of helpline no were extended to the Gram / Ward Volunteers, Town Hall Federation Members, SFG Women leaders of Palakol town.

We are with a hope to spread this role empowerment across the other towns of the state.