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Build Slavery-Free India

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The team aims to establish

  • Symposiums in community centers.
  • Anti Human Trafficking Clubs in Colleges.
  • Community games and activities.

Their goals are to create awareness, save and support vulnerable youth and individuals who are likely to fall victim.

Addressing The Issue

Human Trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of people through force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit. Men, women and children of all ages and from all backgrounds can become victims of this crime, which occurs in every region of the world.(UNODC)

The concept of child marriage, Domestic Servitude, sex trafficking, forced labour, organ trafficking, child labour, bonded labour, forced marriage etc just looks like a scene from a movie because hey! It’s the 21st century, we left that in the past!

It would mean the world for us or anyone working to combat human trafficking but the sad reality is, its not a scene from the movies it takes place every single day all over the world not just in India but even superpower like United States of America.

The scene of a madam buying girls in the brothel, yes it still exists!

Child marriage? Didn’t it get abolished on 28-09-1928?

The act was passed but sadly estimates suggest that each year, at least 1.5 million girls under 18 get married in India, which makes it home to the largest number of child brides in the world – accounting for a third of the global total (Source: UNICEF)

Slavery was a word before independence but sadly today we just put Modern in front of the Slavery and is termed as Modern slavery, estimate states that nearly 8 million “Modern slaves” are living in India (Source: End slavery now)

There are so many other forms of Human Trafficking such as Organ trafficking, Cyber Trafficking, Trafficking for begging and the list goes on.

Let’s learn some astounding facts about trafficking.

Did You Know?

Estimated Distribution (in Billions)

Estimation in millions

  • Human trafficking is the second most profitable trade coming next only to Drug Trafficking
  • Human trafficking is estimated to be a business of $150 billion!
  • 30 million victims are estimated to be trapped in modern-day slavery.
  • There are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.(Source:ILO)
  • There are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.(Source:ILO)
  • About 35% of the victims trafficked for forced labour were also females, both women and girls
  • 71% of trafficking victims around the world are women and girls and 29% are men and boys.
  • India saw a rise in trafficking cases in 2019 with an estimate of 6616 compared to 5,788 cases registered in 2018 (NCRB).
  • Globally, almost 80% of the human trafficking is related to sexual exploitation, while the rest is bonded labor. And, India is allegedly the hub of these crimes in Asia.
  • As per a report by the National Human Rights Commission of India, only 10% of human trafficking in India is international; the remaining 90% operates inter-state.
  • 3 million Indians are deprived of fundamental rights.
  • There are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.
  • 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children.

Why Is It Taking place?

Trafficking occurs in different places with variation from age, sex, race, culture but the factors all remain the same:

  1. It all starts with the Traffickers
  2. Lack of Education
  3. Demand for Cheap Labour
  4. Demand for sex workers
  5. Lack of Human Rights for vulnerable community
  6. Lack of Legitimate economic opportunities
  7. Social factors and cultural practices
  8. Poverty
  9. Conflict and natural disaster
  10. Huge profit for the traffickers
  11. Lack of safe migration options
The Process

The traffickers are smart individuals who usually have prior knowledge about the situation of the victim and their vulnerability. They take advantage of it and make false promises of stable jobs, new opportunities, chances to be independent etc.

The process includes:


Signs To Spot

How do you recognize potential signs of trafficked victims?

  • Living with employer
  • Poor living condition
  • Signs of physical abuse
  • No identity documents
  • Submissive or fearful
  • Scripted answers
  • Few personal belongings