Welcome To Red Rope

Red Rope Movement is founded by Chrysolyte Sanamanda in July, 2019.

The very fact that atleast 18.3 million people being exploited and abused by human trafficking (as reported by Global Slavery index 2016) has shaken the world of Chrysolyte which burdened her to initiate this movement to free India from such heinous bondange, exploitation and disgust lifestyle.

She is constantly mentored and supported by highly regarded experts like Pranitha Timothy, Mathew Nathaniel and Others.

She aims to develop disruptive solution to the very root cause of Human trafficking in India.

Meet Our Team

Chrysolyte Sanamanda
Founder & President
Thelma Bose
Vice President
Deepthi Kolli
General Secretary
Neela Nirmala Jyothi
Joint Secretary
Neeraja Dorai Raj
Moses Priyatham Joseph Thumaty
Executive Member
Keerthi Kodavarthy
Executive Member

Lets invest in Human friendly environment.